Getting Active
First, Apply for Membership in GCO. If you are already a member and new to the world of grass-root gun-rights efforts, then the next thing you should do is read A FIVE-MINUTE HANDBOOK FOR GUN RIGHTS ACTIVISTS. It gives great tips on how to help and what you should expect.

If you get an email alert from GCO and are not sure who your representatives are that you should be contacting, you can find out by looking them up at either of the following websites:
Poll Locator (this one also tells you where you go to cast your vote)


Recruiting Offline
You can help us recruit more members by spreading the word about our organization. We currently have 2 options available: a flyer that you can print out or GCO business cards that you can request to receive.
You can give them to friends, firearm dealers, gun ranges, and any other place you think people might me interested in learning about GCO. Do you visit a gun store often? Ask them if you could put GCO business cards out on the counter.

Email our business card distributer with your address and number of GCO Cards needed
Print out and share the GCO Flyer

The flyer file is 2 pages and designed to be printed on both sides (the first page is info about GCO and page 2 is a membership application). The flyer requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you have trouble printing because of margins: When you hit the print button, the printer properties page will pop up (where you can select which printer you want to print to). Under “Page Handling” just below where you can select how many copies you want is “Page Scaling”. By default that is set to “none”, hit the drop-down box and choose “Fit to Printer Margins”. Then hit “OK” to print.


Recruiting Online using Forums
Do you visit any forums that are frequented by other Georgians who have an interest in protecting firearms rights? Let them know you are a member of GCO by adding it to your signature line.
Forums vary in what they allow you to use, be it HTML or BBCode. So here are both options…


[url=][/url] Member

HTML: Member

Using either should show up in your signature line as: Member


Recruiting Online using your own Blog or Website
If you have your own website or blog, you can link to us using text or one of the logos below…

GeorgiaCarry.Org Banner
To add this logo, copy and paste the HTML code below:

GeorgiaCarry.Org Banner


GeorgiaCarry.Org Logo
To add this logo, copy and paste the HTML code below:

GeorgiaCarry.Org Logo